Water Quality Accountability Act Bill Given Unfavorable Report

HB 1416/ SB 820 was given an “unfavorable” report by the House Environment and Transportation Committee on Wednesday. The bill would have required very specific inspection processes and plan development that would burden local jurisdictions and not lead to better water quality outcomes.

MACo, along with The Maryland Municipal League, Food & Water Action, The Maryland Association of Municipal Wastewater Agencies, and many other organizations opposed the bill over concerns that it would apply unnecessary uniform standards to water supply systems at extreme costs. Larger water supply systems have plans in place that do not necessarily mirror the requirements in the bill, but are not inferior. Jurisdictions with small water supply systems would be forced to adopt costly procedures or be forced to sell their assets to the proponents of the bill – a private water supply company. 

Opinion piece in Maryland Matters on the bill.

MACo testimony