Council Passes Private Security Camera Registry to Aid Baltimore County Police

Home Security Camera - Pixabay - 3.3.20The Baltimore County Council approved a bill that would create a private security camera registry where property owners can voluntarily share their security footage with law enforcement to help them track and solve crimes.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

The county would create a voluntary private security camera registry for property owners who have devices pointed toward a public right-of-way, according to the proposal. The program would map where cameras are located to help detectives identify possible security footage in areas where crimes occurred. The council adopted an amendment to encourage property owners to register all cameras, regardless of whether they face public space.

To help incentivize participation, the county would waive certain alarm permitting fees and offer one waiver for “false alarm” calls each year. The permitting fees range from $34-$113 and a false alarm call can cost $500.

For more information:

Baltimore County Council approves private security camera registry aimed at giving police more crime footage (The Baltimore Sun)