Missed the Kirwan Hearing? Here’s Great Coverage

Maryland Matters breaks down the Kirwan Blueprint legislation, summarized some of the most on-point testimony, and gives the best policy summary of the issues now facing the General Assembly in this center stage education debate.

You’ll be forgiven if you missed the all-day “rally” and public hearing on the Kirwan Blueprint legislation on Monday February 17. It’s all available online if you’re a binge-watcher.

If you’re looking for the Cliff’s Notes version, though, to stay afloat in the conversation… try on the Maryland Matters coverage from reporter Danielle Gaines:

The legislation, called the “Blueprint for Maryland’s Future,” would expand pre-kindergarten programs and career education for high schoolers, increase pay and career opportunities for teachers, and increase state funding for schools with high concentrations of poverty.

The bill sets state funding requirements for newly proposed programs, but does not say how they should be paid for.

Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. (R) and legislative Republicans have expressed concern about the plan’s price tag.

Read the full article online, breaking down the testimony and arguments piece by piece.

Social media, unsurprisingly, was in high gear during the hearing:


For more information on the fiscal effects of the bill, here are three sources:

Keep following Conduit Street for ongoing analysis of the bill, the political debate, and the effects on counties.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties