Kirwan Testimony: What You Need to Know to Sign Up

This blog post contains important information about the hearing for HB 1300 / SB 1000 – Blueprint for Maryland’s Future – Implementation (or, “the Kirwan bill”) – please review it carefully.


  • Date/Time: Monday, February 17, at noon
  • Location: Joint Hearing Room in the Legislative Services Building (building is between the State House and the House Office Building)
  • Committees: Appropriations; Ways & Means; Education, Health & Environmental Affairs; and Budget & Taxation


If you are submitting written testimony, you only need to submit 1 piece of testimony for the two bill numbers – be sure to include these details:

  • Bill #: HB 1300 / SB 1000
  • Bill title: Blueprint for Maryland’s Future – Implementation
  • Position: Support, Support with Amendments, Oppose, or Letter of Information

If you plan to speak at the hearing:

  • Be prepared for time limits – likely 2 minutes per person, but possibly shorter
  • Committees REALLY appreciate “ME TOO” testimony, where you mention that you agree with the points brought up so far and either leave it at that or add 1 or 2 points not already mentioned


  • Be prepared to choose between three types of testimony: Written-only, Written and Oral, or Oral-only
    • For all written testimony, you will need to include the name, organization, and email address of the contact person
    • For all oral testimony – include the name, organization, and email address of each person testifying
  • You only need to sign up and deliver with one committee listed above (not all 4)
  • Bring 20 printed copies of your testimony
  • Bring a thumbdrive containing the PDF copy of your testimony
  • Early sign-up will be available today, Feb 14, from 9 am-5 pm in Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs and in Appropriations from 1 pm-5 pm
  • Regular sign-up will be available Monday, Feb 17 between 9 am and 11 am (anticipate long lines for sign-up on Monday)


  • Arrive early for the hearing on Monday – seating will be limited (there is no overflow space assigned at this time)
  • Reserve parking at Noah Hillman Garage, Knighton Garage, or Gott’s Court Garage ahead of Monday’s hearing