Counties Support Community College Funding Boost

MACo Associate Director Kevin Kinnally testified February 11, 2020, before the Appropriations Committee to support HB 423 – Community Colleges – State Funding – Revision.  The bill would clarify and strengthen the funding connection between four-year and two-year schools, each with an important role in Maryland’s higher education and job readiness strategy.

From the MACo Testimony:

Budget cutbacks place pressure on already tight county budgets, prompting tuition increases from the community colleges. During a rapidly-moving economy, and constant pressures for worker retraining, added burdens on tuition frustrate the job readiness goals of our local campuses.

HB 423 would sensibly clarify the calculation of appropriations provided to Maryland’s community colleges. Strong community colleges contribute directly to Maryland’s workforce and will help keep Maryland as a leader in education.

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