Counties Favor Move Over Safety Monitoring Systems

MACo Legislative Director Natasha Mehu submitted written testimony to support SB 319 (CF HB 130) – Vehicle Laws – Move Over Safety Monitoring System – Authorization. The bill provides counties with a tool to enforce public safety laws and to protect first responders and community members by authorizing the use of “move over safety monitoring systems” and establishing a regulatory framework to govern the use of the systems. The systems help capture visual evidence of a violation of the State’s required safety protection and move over laws.

From the MACo Testimony:

The bill enables counties to deploy the systems on emergency vehicles which include law enforcement, ambulances, fire, and other rescue vehicles. Counties can use these systems to help protect the safety of their first responders and those they are aiding by catching video evidence of violators and subjecting them accordingly to fines. The systems provide the benefits of penalizing violators and deterring people from violating the laws. Fines collected from the violations may be used for the administration of the program and any remaining moneys must be used for public safety programs.

HB 130 would help counties identify and hold accountable violators of the state’s laws designed to protect first responders and those they are assisting while on the road.

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