Baltimore County Passes SAFE Act for Gun Store Security

Baltimore County SealSpurred by a spat of gun store burglaries, Baltimore County has passed the Secure All Firearms Effectively (SAFE) Act.

The act sets security standards for gun stores and sets a license requirement for temporary gun shows.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

The proposal would require gun shops and shows to install alarm systems registered with the county and video systems. Shops also would have to install bollards or another physical barrier to prevent burglars from using a vehicle to enter the building.

The shops also would be required to install security gates or screens over windows and doors. Weapons would need to be locked in a safe and secured room when the business is closed, or the police chief could approve the use of a security guard. Temporary gun shows would require live security guard coverage when the show is closed.

For more information:

Baltimore County Council passes amended bill to require more security at gun shops and shows (The Baltimore Sun)