More Leadership Changes Among Council Members & Commissioners

County governing bodies operate with various structural systems, but many select the presiding leadership for each year’s efforts through internal elections. Most counties who do so select their leadership structure toward the end of the calendar year, for the year ahead.

Across the state several counties recently transferred responsibilities to a new set of officers:

  • In Anne Arundel County, Council Member John Grasso is the Chairperson & Council Member Dick Ladd is the Vice Chair.
  • In Calvert County, Commissioner Pat Nutter was re-elected President and Commissioner Steven Weems was re-elected Vice President.
  • In Dorchester County, Commissioner Jay Newcomb is President & Commissioner William Nichols is Vice President.
  • In Garrett County, Robert Gatto is the Chairperson.
  • In Queen Anne’s County, Commissioner Philip Dumenil is President and Commissioner David Dunmyer is Vice President.
  • In Talbot County, Council Member Corey Pack is President and Council Member Laura Price is Vice President.

Previously reported,

  • In Caroline County, Commissioner Jefferson Ghrist becomes President of the Commission, while Commissioner Larry Porter assumes the Vice-President post.
  • In Carroll County, Commissioner David Roush is the new Board President, Commissioner Richard Rothschild is the new Vice President and Commissioner Robin Frazier is the Secretary.
  • In Howard County, Council Member Calvin Ball is Chairperson & Council Member Courtney Watson is the Vice Chairperson.
  • In Montgomery County, Council Member Craig Rice was elected Council President and Council Member George Leventhal was selected as Vice President.
  • In Prince George’s County, Council Member Mel Franklin was elected Council Chair and William A. Campos assumes the role of the Council’s Vice Chair.
  • In Wicomico County, Council President Matt Holloway will continue another term, while John Hall assumes the role of Vice President.