Harford Sheriff Forms Board to Improve Community Relations

Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler wanted to build better relationships with community members and provide a way for people outside of law enforcement to share their perspectives on the agency and its officers.

To do so he has launched the Sheriff’s Community Board which is modeled after similar successful groups that have been put together over the years to help provide input on the office’s operations.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

The 18-member group met for the first time Tuesday and, after a four-week orientation on the scope and responsibility of the agency and how it operates, will likely meet quarterly to discuss what the Sheriff’s Office can do better to improve its relationship with the public, Gahler said.

In addition to three members appointed by the sheriff, the group will be comprised of representatives from the Harford County executive’s office, the Harford County Council, Harford Chamber of Commerce, Harford chapter of the NAACP, each of the county’s seven community advisory boards, LASOS, Harford County Interfaith Committee, Harford County Regional Association of Student Councils and Harford County Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association.

For more information:

Harford sheriff seeks to improve community relations from non-law enforcement perspective (The Baltimore Sun)