County Executive Seeks Stricter Security Rules to Prevent Stolen Guns

pistolsBaltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. is proposing local legislation to create new licensing and security requirements for gun shops and temporary gun shows.

The Secure All Firearms Effectively (SAFE) Act is scheduled to be introduced at the December 16, 2019, Baltimore County Council meeting. The goal of the bill is to better protect against burglaries where guns are stolen and end up in the hands of criminals or on the black market. Gun shops in Baltimore, as well as other counties, have been targeted successfully by burglars in recent years.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

Gun shops and shows would have to meet standards set by the Baltimore County Police Department to receive the license.

The SAFE Act also would require shops to install security gates or screens over windows and doors. Weapons would have to be locked in a safe and secure room when the business is closed, or the county police chief could approve the use of a security guard.

Temporary gun shows would have to use an alarm system, video surveillance and live security guard when the show is closed.

The article notes that the proposal is already receiving pushback from pro-gun advocates who argue that state law governs gun sales and that the county could open itself to challenges in court. The County Executive argues in turn that the county law is tailored to close gaps in state law.

For more information:

Baltimore County executive proposes new gun shop security rules to prevent stolen firearms (The Baltimore Sun)