Carroll Planning and Zoning Commission Approves 2019 Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan

The Carroll County Planning and Zoning Commission (P&ZC) last week approved a resolution for the 2019 Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan. The multimodal transportation plan focuses on bicycle and pedestrian movement as well as recreational and tourism opportunities throughout the County.

According to a press release:

Planning staff worked extensively with the Carroll County Planning and Zoning Commission, municipal staff, municipal planning and zoning commissions, and Carroll County citizens throughout the planning process.

An interactive map featuring existing and planned bicycle and pedestrian routes will be posted to the county website soon. For the latest updates on implementation efforts and ways to participate, please subscribe to the planning mailing list via Carroll Connect on the county website.

This plan will ultimately be part of the county-wide Master Plan and will be brought before the Board of County Commissioners in conjunction with the county Transportation Plan, currently being drafted. Updates will be provided as the Transportation Plan progresses.

The approved plan may be viewed online at, as well as at the Carroll County Department of Planning.

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