Hogan Announces Special Election to Fill Congressional Seat

Today, Governor Larry Hogan announced a special primary election to fill the late U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings seat. The special primary election will take place February 4, with a special general election on April 28. Hogan had 10 days from the death of Rep. Cummings on October 17 to issue a proclamation setting the dates of both the special primary and general elections for Cummings replacement. Candidates who want to run for the seat can file candidacy paperwork starting Wednesday, with a deadline of November 20.

From Baltimore Sun’s coverage:

Under Maryland law, a special primary election shall be held on a Tuesday that is at least 65 days after the proclamation was issued and a special general election shall be held on a Tuesday that is at least 65 days after the primary. If Hogan moves as quickly as the law allows, a new representative could be seated in February, but would have to stand again for election in Maryland’s regular April 28 primary to stay in office next year.

Cummings, who had cancer, won the seat in 1996 after a primary with 27 candidates in which he received 37% of the vote. After his first election, he never faced a strong opponent and won all of his elections by lopsided margins. In 2018, he won re-election with 76% of the vote.

In general, member of Congress must be 25 years old and residents of the state they wish to represent, although do not have to reside in the district. The 7th District covers much of Baltimore, while also reaching into Baltimore and Howard counties.

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