Sun Interviews New Baltimore County Sustainability Officer Stephen Lafferty

Stephen Lafferty (Source: Maryland Manual Online)

Baltimore Sun article (2019-10-02) interviewed former Maryland Delegate Stephen Lafferty, who recently resigned his position to become Baltimore County’s first sustainability officer. The interview covered Lafferty’s legislative work on environmental issues, how the County can become more sustainable, and the long-term challenges posed by climate change. From the interview:

Baltimore Sun Media: How would you describe your job? What sorts of things have you been working on?

Steven Lafferty: Really, it’s been getting acclimated so far. I’ve been drawn into a number of issues, like energy procurement for the county, and developing a full resiliency plan [That is, a plan or strategy that addresses how the county will adapt to and mitigate climate change]. We’re working on a new strategic plan for the county for the operation of the county government. …

BSM: Are there any areas of particular concern you have in the county in terms of environmental impact?

SL: If there’s a place, if we can plant 500,000 trees, I think that’d be great. I think we have to be very cognizant of communities that are older and may have been passed by for attention in the past. There are issues of equity in the way we address environmental problems, and it can’t always just be the person or the community that’s loudest in their complaint that gets addressed.

Lafferty started his new position on September 9 and is a part of the direct staff of County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr.