Charles County Launches New Podcast

Charles County recently released its new series of podcasts, “Charles County Unscripted.” Podcast subscribers can tune in and listen to the latest county news and information at home or on the go, on any mobile device. County staff interviews a variety of guests who provide an inside look at the people, places, and events that shape Charles County.

According to a press release:

One of the podcast programs, “Inside Your County Government,” explores the range of services the government provides. Inaugural episodes include interviews with the county’s staff about the many facets of highway maintenance, crucial tips on emergency preparedness, challenges with stormwater management, and profiles of exceptional students who participated in the summer intern program.

This month, residents are invited on a spooky journey to learn about the ghosts and legends in Charles County. A county tour guide and historical performer shares some of these stories and local investigators explore the paranormal at some of Charles County’s most well-known historical sites.

County Administrator Michael D. Mallinoff, Esq., ICMA-CM is also hosting a podcast series called “Open Mic with Mike,” featuring conversations with county and community leaders about a variety of topics. Most recently, he interviewed the county’s longtime fiscal and administrative affairs director David Eicholtz about his 37-year career in local government, spoke to bicycle enthusiasts about the county’s cycling opportunities, and highlighted the diverse recreational and cultural activities available here.

The podcasts are available at or by subscribing on Apple Podcasts or Google Play.

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