New Report on Use of High-Quality Materials in Classrooms

Independent curriculum reviewers are being used as a resource in order to evaluate how well materials align to standards (highly rated curricula) so districts are able to make informed purchasing decisions. A recently published RAND Corporation Analysis shows that math teachers are more likely to be using highly rated curricula than English/Language Arts (ELA) teachers.

From Education Week Teacher’s blog:

Researchers gave a list of materials to a nationally representative sample of K-12 public school teachers, and asked them to choose the ones that they used once a week or more. Then, they looked at how many teachers were using materials that EdReports, the nonprofit reviewer, had rated as “high-quality.”

Overall, math teachers were more likely to be using highly rated curricula than ELA teachers. Within both subjects, middle school teachers were most likely to have used at least one of these well-reviewed options.

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