Conduit Street Podcast Live at #MACoCon with MDP & the US Census

MACo’s Summer Conference will feature a live recording of MACo’s Conduit Street Podcast, featuring the 2020 Census.

The US Census plays an essential role in MD 2020 CensusAmerican democracy. Most fundamentally, it ensures that communities get the right representation in government. Less obviously, it plays a critical role in distributing hundreds of billions of federal dollars for a wide range of public services — including education, health, transportation, housing, community services, and job training. In this session, Maryland coordinators for the United States Census will join a live recording of the Conduit Street Podcast, as a fast-paced Q&A-style discussion of our “complete count” efforts. Attendees will learn about state and local resources and best practices to promote the most accurate 2020 Census.

  • Speakers:
    • Rob McCord, Secretary, Maryland Department of Planning
    • Lee Osberry, Partnership Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau
  • Podcast Hosts:
    • Michael Sanderson, Executive Director, Maryland Association of Counties
    • Kevin Kinnally, Associate Director, Maryland Association of Counties
  • Date/Time: Wednesday, August 14, 2019; 3:45 pm – 4:45 pm

Thanks to the US Census and MDP for sponsoring this session!

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