Feds Consider Relaxing Regulations That Hinder New Housing

new homeA new federal commission, led by Secretary of Housing Ben Carson, will study ways to reduce regulations that impede the development of new housing. Membership of the commission includes representatives of labor, energy, and environmental agencies.

The New York Times reports:

Over the next year, the new White House council, led by Ben Carson, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development, will study local, state and federal rules that drive up the cost of housing, delay its construction or block it entirely.

The potential list: restrictive zoning and rent control; parking requirements and energy efficiency mandates; density limits and environmental rules; lengthy permitting procedures and labor laws.

The article continues to explain how the effort may see bipartisan support for more housing despite some areas of disagreement over how:

The left and the right are likely to meet on parking requirements, which typically mandate that developers build costly parking garages — of a very specific size — even if tenants might not use them. They are more likely to agree on ending large-lot single-family zoning, which dictates the (large) minimum size of land each house must occupy.

But the two sides won’t agree on what to do about rent control (or the right of local communities to enact it). They won’t agree on requirements that buildings meet strict energy standards, or that builders employ construction workers at a higher standard wage.

Read the full article in The New York Times for more information.



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