Baltimore City Planner Among 2019 Sustainable Growth Award Winners

A Maryland Department of Planning press release (2019-05-07) announced the winners of the seventh annual Maryland Sustainable Growth Awards, including long-term Baltimore City planner Tom Stosur. The awards recognize innovative and sustainable economic and community development initiatives across the state.

Award winners are determined and presented by the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission. This year saw five awards given to two sustainable growth leaders three projects.

From the press release:

“These awards recognize people and projects from across Maryland that bring the full measure of creativity, innovation, and passion to our communities,” said Governor Larry Hogan. “Our administration is proud to honor and celebrate their commitment to helping change Maryland for the better.” …

“Resourcefulness, innovation, and creativity are all part of what makes Maryland a leader in cultural preservation, community and economic development, and environmental stewardship,” said Robert McCord, Secretary of the Maryland Department of Planning “I congratulate all of the winners for their revitalization efforts that create jobs, economic opportunities, and improve the quality of life in their communities.”

“The commission and I are thrilled to recognize these two leaders and three outstanding projects,” said Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission Chair Susan Summers. “The Maryland Sustainable Growth Awards are the highest level of recognition of leadership and excellence for economic and community development and sustainability in the state.”

The press release included a summary of each award winner, including Stosur:

Leadership & Service: These awards are for activities or accomplishments that advance public appreciation, understanding, or involvement in promoting smart growth and sustainable communities at the state, regional, or local level.

  • Tom Stosur – For nearly a decade as Baltimore City’s Planning Director, Tom Stosur implemented innovative plans, policies, and programs to increase the public’s appreciation, understanding, and involvement in community and economic development. During his tenure, Tom led several planning efforts aimed at creating a higher quality of life in Baltimore and enhanced the sustainability of the city including a new zoning code, a Sustainability Commission, the Baltimore Green Network program, expanding the use of Historic Preservation tax credits, and launching a Food Policy initiative and new urban agriculture policies.

Other award winners included: (1) Baltimore City community development leader Chris Ryer; (2) New Shiloh Village Apartments in Baltimore; (3) the Bel Air Armory in Harford County, and (4) the Central Baltimore Partnership.

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