Union Study: Teacher Pay Not Keeping Pace

A report from the National Education Association finds that teacher pay, adjusted for inflation, has eroded 4.5% in the last decade.

The National Education Association, a nationwide organization of unions representing teachers and other education employees, has released a salary report. Its key finding: overall teacher salary nationwide has failed ot keep pace with inflation in recent years.

From the NEA press release:

The national average teacher salary, adjusted for inflation, has decreased 4.5 percent over the past decade

NEA also collects data on teacher starting salaries and every year, the data show that starting teacher salaries are too low and, for the last decade, still lower than pre-Recession levels. This year is no different. The 2017-18 average teacher starting salary is $39,249. After adjusting for inflation, beginning teacher salaries have decreased by 2.91 percent in the last decade.

Maryland is alone with Wyoming as the two states (plus Washington DC) where each district offers a starting salary of at least $40,000.

Read the full report summary online.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties