What’s Next for County Employers?

The Maryland Association of County Human Resources Officers gather for a debrief of the 2019 General Assembly Session, to advance best practices in workers’ compensation, and improve comparative salary and benefits data.

Medical cannabis use, minimum wage increases, and other labor law changes alter the landscape for county employers. County human resources officers gather at MACo for a post-Session legislative update.

The Maryland Association of Counties has thirteen professional affiliates that contribute to professional education, legislative advocacy, and programs and services offered by Maryland Counties’ statewide association. The Maryland Association of Human Resources Officers contribute to MACo conference session topics, provide insight into the ways that changes to state labor laws affect counties as employers, and help build additional cost-saving resources for MACo’s membership.

At this week’s meeting, the Maryland Association of County Human Resources Officers, led by President Kim Frock, Director of Human Resources in Carroll County:

  • Discussed the 2019 General Assembly Session and policy issues, including:
    • The State’s new minimum wage law
    • Continuing lack of clarity with regard to medical cannabis and employment practices
    • The potential for labor law issues to continue as a lively area for Maryland’s legislature, and others around the county
  • Reviewed best practices in workers’ compensation, including:
    • Case management and settlement practices
    • Roles and responsibilities in counties that self-insure and those who purchase insurance
    • How to maintain employee morale throughout the workers’ compensation claims process
  • Reviewed new salary survey software, including:
    • Enhanced features such as standard deviations and customizable reports
    • Finalizing participation county-by-county
    • Building a template for county use within the new platform

For more information, contact Robin Clark Eilenberg, MACo’s liaison to the Maryland Association of Human Resources Officers.