“Litter Blitz” Commences in Baltimore County

Baltimore County recently launched two new anti-litter promotions – the BaltCo Litter Blitz promotion, and an anti-littering campaign, whose slogan, Litter Doesn’t Stop Where it Drops, communicates that when litter hits the ground, wind or rain carries it down the nearest storm drain and into a stream.

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According to a press release:

Baltco Litter Blitz promotion asks everyone to snag some litter

The County Executive launched BaltCo Litter Blitz, a grassroots outreach effort that asks people in Baltimore County to pick up some litter this April and May – either as a DIY effort or through a community cleanup – and share their efforts online using #BaltCoLitterBlitz or #trashtag.

“We all have a responsibility to respect and take care of our waterways,” said Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski. “Earth Day is a great reminder to everyone that we can make a difference in our neighborhoods. If each of us stops to pick up litter when we’re out walking or at our kids’ outdoor activities, we can make a huge difference together in our neighborhoods and help protect our local environment.”

Litter doesn’t stop where it drops campaign connects litter to food supply

Olszewski also announced an anti-littering campaign, whose slogan, Litter Doesn’t Stop Where it Drops, communicates that when litter hits the ground, wind or rain carries it down the nearest storm drain and into a stream. In addition to being unsightly, litter contains dangerous bacteria and toxins that pollute waterways, harm aquatic life and can even contaminate fish and other seafood.

“A staggering amount of plastic pollution enters Maryland’s waterways each year, and the National Aquarium is committed to doing its part to defeat this threat,” said John John Racanelli, National Aquarium President and CEO. “Plastic pollution poses a serious risk to Maryland wildlife and the habitats they depend on for their survival—and single-use plastics are the worst of the worst. We are pleased to partner with County Executive Olszewski and proud of his team’s efforts to clean up Baltimore County’s bountiful natural environment. Together with County residents, we can all do our part to prevent litter from entering our streams and bays.”

In addition to the two-month Litter Blitz promotion, the County encourages residents to participate in its year-round litter collection programs, Adopt-A-Road and the Team BCPS Clean Green 15 Litter Challenge.

Read the full press release for more information.

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