City Council To Take Up Ethics Reforms

The Baltimore City Council will consider multiple possible changes to its ethics laws, including potential charter amendments.

city-hall-216498_1920The Baltimore City Council is expected to receive and consider a range of ethics reform proposals, ranging from additional financial disclosures for City officials and employees, to altering the structure of the City Ethics Board.

From coverage in the Baltimore Sun:

The first round of legislation, sponsored by Councilman Ryan Dorsey, will be introduced at Monday evening’s council meeting.

Many of the ideas the council members plan to take up would require amendments to the city charter, which could not be put before the voters until the election in November 2020 and would not need approval from the council until the summer of that year.

From coverage on the Fox 45 website:

Baltimore City Councilwoman Shannon Sneed says “No matter where you work in Baltimore City if you’re in a high level position, you should be filling out these forms. I mean it’s almost a red flag if you’re not filling them out.”

She adds “There should be some type of alert to let folks know the basic questions have been answered.”

The measure calls for tougher penalties for those who fail to file annual financial disclosure forms on time.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties