$15 Minimum Wage Bill Heading to Governor Hogan

The General Assembly has passed its own final version of the “Fight for Fifteen” Minimum Wage Bill With Veto-Proof Support Levels

On Wednesday, March 20, both the House and Senate passed their respective versions of the $15 minimum wage bill, thus sending the “enrolled” bill to the Governor. Under the Constitution, he has a limited window of time (six days, not including Sundays) to decide whether to veto the bill, and would have to do so within the remaining session, thereby allowing the legislature sufficient time to override the veto and put the bill into effect.

The final version of the bill scales the statewide minimum wage up to $15 by July of 2026. The compromise version of the bill is not yet fully prepared, but can be gleaned by reading the Conference Committee amendments, which are drafted to alter the Finance Committee amendments.

An enrolled bill, with all final amendments interlineated, should be available by Thursday.

Useful links:

HB 166 – bill history/process | Final House vote | Final Senate Vote

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties