Counties Seek Representation on Storm Drain Debris Task Force

On February 20th, Les Knapp testified in support of HB 410 Task Force on Prohibiting Debris From Entering Storm Drains or Stormwater Inlets with amendments.

While HB 410 would work to study the important issue of debris entering storm drains, the bill lacks county government representation on the task force.

From the MACo Testimony:

MACo has no issue with the Task Force’s charge but notes that the Task Force’s findings and recommendations could have a significant effect on county governments given the large amount of storm drains owned or maintained by counties. The current 6-member Task Force has NO local government representation. Accordingly, MACo is offering an amendment to add a county representative.

With a county representative, MACo believes HB 410 can undertake a fair and productive study of the storm drain debris issue.

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