Washington County Commissioners Seek Public Input on Weekly Meeting Schedule

A Washington County email notice (2019-01-30) announced that the Board of County Commissioners is conducting an online public survey to consider moving the Board’s weekly meetings in order to increase public participation.

From the email notice:

The Washington County Board of County Commissioners endeavors to create and operate in a participatory and transparent environment. The Board of County Commissioners currently holds weekly meetings on Tuesdays, with public participation and involvement beginning with citizen comments at approximately 10:15 a.m. The Board of County Commissioners also holds evening meetings in each town and Maugansville each year. The evening town meetings currently begin at 7:00 p.m. …

The purpose of this survey is to gather public opinion as to whether more citizens would attend if some meetings were conducted at a different time of day. Your input and consideration in completing this survey is greatly appreciated.

The six question survey asks if you have previously attended Board meetings, what times would work best for you to attend both county commission meetings and joint meetings between the county and a town, and in what capacity you would attend a meeting (citizen, business, community representative, etc.).

For further information, please contact the Washington County Public Relations and Marketing office at 240.313.2380.

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