Montgomery Council Approves Elrich Appointees Adam Ortiz, Diane Vu

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich has appointed Adam Ortiz as the director of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Diane Vy Nguyen-Vu as director of the Office of Community Partnerships (OCP). Both nominations were confirmed by the County Council on Jan. 29.

According to a press release:

“I am grateful the County Council saw fit to confirm these new directors,” said County Executive Marc Elrich. “Adam Ortiz has a great track record and has done some really innovative things on the leading edge of environmental sustainability and moving to zero waste, so I feel lucky to bring him here. And, Diane Vu has been an indefatigable force in our County, crucial to helping County Government understand, address, and meet the needs of our diverse community while strengthening the County by connecting our dynamic population with necessary resources so all may thrive here.”

Montgomery County Council President Nancy Navarro joined Elrich in his praise for the newly confirmed directors.

“The Council voted to confirm Diane Vu as the new Director of the Office of Community Partnerships,” said Navarro. “I am pleased to hear she will work to find ways to engage our diverse community. On behalf of the Council, we look forward to continuing our partnership together as she begins work in this important role. I am also thrilled to support the appointment of Mr. Ortiz as director of the County’s Department of Environmental Protection. His work as an environmental progressive is a perfect fit for our ambitious agenda here in Montgomery County. Also, on behalf of the immigrant community I want to congratulate Adam and Diane – it is important to recognize our leaders and bright stars here in Maryland.”

Ortiz, who is the former director of Prince George’s County Department of the Environment, has worked in his Prince George’s position since October 2012. The department, with a staff of more than 300 and annual budget of $170 million, gained recognition for innovative programs including organizing one of the largest organics composting facility on the East Coast.

Vu joined Montgomery County Government in January 2012, as the Office of Community Partnership’s liaison to the Asian Pacific American community, and as language access coordinator.

County Executive Elrich launched a national search to fill other key leadership roles in his administration. In the next few weeks, he is expected to announce more appointments. Those nominations also will have to be confirmed by the County Council.

Read the full press release for more information.