Could Changes to Polygraph Policies Reduce Correctional Vacancies?

A bill sponsored by Delegate Mike McKay and Delegate William Wivel would let state correctional officials chose between a polygraph or a more extensive background check as part of the process for hiring new officers. The intent is to reduce the number of state correctional officer vacancies.

As reported in the Herald-Mail:

“The majority of employers are not allowed to use polygraph tests to hire people,” she said, “because they’re not reliable. They have been a barrier instead of a screen.”

Esty said that in 2015, only 38 percent of applicants for correctional officer positions passed the polygraph test.

“Maryland is one of only seven states that use the polygraph test,” she added.

Legislative analyst estimate vacancies statewide at 20%. Testimony indicated the shortage of correctional officers has contributed to dangerous situations within the prisons.

Read the Herald-Mail to learn more.


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