Maryland Winning Fiscal ‘Give & Take’ with Federal Government in 2017

Maryland received $36.5 billion more in federal funding than Maryland provided to the federal government in taxes and other revenues in the 2017 federal fiscal year.

A new report from the Rockefeller Institute of Government compares the amount of federal funding flowing to states with the amount of revenues and other payments that States make to the federal government, Governing magazine shares.

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This data from the Rockefeller Institute shows a positive balance in Maryland’s fiscal relationship with the federal government in 2017, receiving $6,035 more per capita than it provides to the federal government.

According to the Rockefeller data (check out the portal), Maryland is the 4th highest overall among states with a positive balance (receiving more from the federal government than they give) and 8th highest on a per capita basis.

From Governing,

The states with the highest overall estimated positive balance of payments for the 2017 federal fiscal year included: Virginia ($87.2 billion), Florida ($45.8 billion), Kentucky ($40.7 billion), Maryland ($36.5 billion), and North Carolina ($34.4 billion).

On a per-capita basis the states checking in with top positive balances were Virginia ($10,301), Kentucky ($9,145), New Mexico ($8,692), West Virginia ($7,283) and Alaska ($7,048).

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