Kevin Kinnally Moves Up, Will Lead Fiscal Issues for MACo

Kevin Kinnally will lead MACo’s advocacy on fiscal issues, in his new role as Associate Director

For the 2019 session, Kevin Kinnally will change roles, and gain a new title, becoming MACo’s Associate Director. The progression continues his advance in serving Maryland counties, via policy work and communications. He will be the lead staff to MACo’s subcommittee dealing with tax and fiscal issues, and will also cover elections and intergovernmental policy topics.

Most recently, Kevin has spearheaded MACo’s extensive work promoting next generation 9-1-1, and has led counties’ analysis and assessment of the Kirwan Commission on public education. Read Kevin’s Conduit Street posts for more details.

Kevin has worked with the MACo staff since the beginning of the 2016 legislative session, contributing research and logistical support for MACo’s policy efforts. During the Summer of 2016, he returned to MACo as a Special Assistant to the Executive Director – assisting with issue research, communications, and conference preparations. For 2017, Kevin joined MACo’s policy team in Annapolis, and has represented counties on intergovernmental issues, public education, and a wide range of subjects as a Policy Associate.

Kevin is also the host of MACo’s Conduit Street Podcast, delivering weekly insights into state and local policy and politics. The role as host has exposed Kevin to a wide range of county topics, and has broadened his familiarity with his new issues for coverage.

“Kevin has been a key part of our successes in his time here, and we will build from that as he moves to cover a new set of important issues,” said MACo Executive Director Michael Sanderson.

Kevin has a degree in political science from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He has previous work experience as a Senior Project Manager for a firm in Florida.

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Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties