Presiding Officers Ask Kirwan Commission to Delay Recommendations

In a letter to the [Kirwan] Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education, House Speaker Michael Busch and Senate President Mike Miller today asked the Commission to continue its work into 2019. The presiding officers write that “it is virtually impossible” for the Commission to develop and consider formulaic changes in time for the 2019 General Assembly session.

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Despite the delay, state lawmakers are likely to provide $200 million in additional aid to school systems for the coming year. The governor and legislative leaders set aside money for that during the 2018 General Assembly session. The commission is recommending that money be used to start funding an expansion of prekindergarten, pay for half of a 3 percent raise for teachers, and hire community school coordinators and health practitioners in high-poverty schools, among other proposals.

You can read the full letter here.

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