Balloon Release Ban Passes Maryland Senate

A bill sponsored by Senator Clarence Lam that would prohibit the intentional release of a balloon has passed the Maryland Senate today with bi-partisan support. 

Several counties in Maryland including Queen Anne’s, Wicomico, and Frederick have led efforts to prevent balloon releases by instituting their own bans. This Session the General Assembly looks likely to pass a measure that would prohibit the intentional release of a balloon and create a  $250 civil fine for intentional releases.

As previously discussed on Conduit Street, the intent of the bill is to reduce the amount of waste in the environment and to raise awareness of proper disposal for balloons. An amendment to the bill would subject only individuals over the age of 13 to the $250 fine.

From coverage in the Baltimore Sun:

The bill had bipartisan sponsors and passed on a 38-3 vote without debate on Tuesday morning. The House of Delegates is considering a companion measure but hasn’t yet taken action.

If the bill passes the General Assembly and is signed into law it will take effect October 1, 2020.