Albert Will Alert You to Cyber Threats

Counties will hear more about a network monitoring solution with an approachable name, among other IT topics, at MACo’s Winter Conference.

New cybersecurity events and threats are constantly in the news. County governments may be the targets of cyber attacks, as county information technology officers well know. Maryland’s County Information Officers are hosting a special session at the MACo Winter Conference on various issues in county information technology today – including broadband, 5G, cloud computing, and cyber-security.

A panel of speakers, including two county information technology officers, a national cloud computing expert, and CEO of Maryland-based IT company, Mavenspire, will lead the discussion.

Albert Einstein may be the inspiration for a network monitoring tool for county IT.

Joe Klausner, Calvert County’s Information Technology Officer, will share information about Albert, a program offered by the Center for Internet Security, for network monitoring.

According to the Center for Internet Security,

Albert is a unique network monitoring solution that provides automated alerts on both traditional and advanced network threats, allowing organizations to respond quickly when their data may be at risk. Albert utilizes open source software – running on commodity hardware – that results in a very cost-effective IDS monitoring solution with a unique, SLTT-focused signature set. Combined with our in-depth review conducted by expert analysts through CIS’ 24×7 Security Operations Center, Albert is a fully monitored and managed service that’s both personal and customizable.

The MACo Winter Conference will be held January 2-4, 2019 at the Hyatt in Cambridge, Maryland. This year’s theme is, “Charting the Course.”

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