Gas Savings Tips with Chesapeake Utilities

2019 MACo Winter Conference Sponsor (7)Chesapeake Utilities, a Winter Conference Sponsor, offers tips on its website for lowering your gas bill.


  • Check the insulation in the attic, walls, and floors of your home
  • Add storm windows and doors to create an insulating layer of air between panes


  • Use a medium or low flame when cooking
  • Match the size of your flame to the size of your pan to prevent wasting gas

Water Heating:

  • Keep hot showers as short as possible. On average, a shower uses less water than a bath


  • Wash and dry full loads instead of partial
    loads for savings

Enjoyed these tips? Check out the Chesapeake Utilities’ website for even more cost-saving tips!

Chesapeake Utilities is sponsoring the Winter Conference Inaugural Banquet.

Thank you, Chesapeake Utilities, for
sponsoring at the MACo Winter Conference!

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