St. Mary’s Urges Smokers to Kick Habit

downloadThe 43rd Great American Smokeout, an event sponsored by the American Cancer Society, serves as an annual call for smokers to kick the habit. The Commissioners of St. Mary’s County have joined the American Cancer Society in encouraging citizens to commit to or recommit to healthy smoke-free lives. The 2018 Great American Smokeout takes place on November 15.

According to a press release:

Statistics indicate cigarette smoking is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States, accounting for 29% of all cancer deaths. The American Cancer Society says smoking kills more Americans than alcohol, car accidents, HIV, guns and illegal drugs combined.

“The most important thing smokers can do to improve their health is to quit smoking cigarettes and other forms of tobacco,” said Commissioner Todd Morgan (4th District). “Addiction to nicotine in cigarettes is one of the strongest and most deadly addictions one can have.”

In proclaiming Great American Smokeout day and in partnership with the St. Mary’s County Health Department and the American Cancer Society, the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County encourage all citizens to commit or recommit to year-round smoke-free lives.

Read the full press release for more information.

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