Congress’s “Lame Duck” Session — What Does It Mean for Counties?

A conference call for county elected officials and their staff, hosted by the National Association of Counties Northeast Regional Caucus, focuses on the possible effects of the United States Congress’s “lame duck” session on county governments.

All Maryland counties are members of the National Association of Counties and are welcome to join free monthly updates on federal policy.

The National Association of Counties hosts monthly calls for county elected officials in the Northeast Region of the United States to discuss federal issues with a particular effect on county governments in the northeast region.

This month’s call will provide a Mid-Term and Lame-Duck Session Analysis. Topics will include, the potential impact of the Mid-Terms on the National Association of Counties legislative and policy agenda and what counties may expect in the “lame duck” session.

All Maryland counties are members of NACo, and all county elected officials and their staff are invited to join this call.

NACo Northeast Regional Conference Call


  • Welcome and Introductions, Hon. Christian Leinbach – Chairman, Berks County Commissioners (PA) / NACo NE US Representative
  • Roll Call by State – Each state will be called and Elected County Officials will be given the opportunity to state their name and county. States in this region: DC; DE; ME; MA; MD; NH; NJ; NY; PA; WV.
  • General Legislative/National Association of Counties Update from Arthur Scott –  Ass. Legislative Director/Political Outreach Manager
    • Mid-Term and Lame-Duck Session Analysis:
      • What Impact might the Mid-Terms have on the NACo legislative and policy agenda?
      • What can we expect in the “lame duck” session?

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For more information, feel free to contact Robin Eilenberg at the Maryland Association of Counties.

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