Governor: “No Plans” To Take Homes for I-270

Governor Larry Hogan has assured protestors and concerned citizens that his plans to improve traffic conditions along I-270 and the Beltway will not result in any eminent domain affecting residents’ homes. WTOP reports:

At a news conference in Annapolis on Tuesday, the governor repeated what he told a group of concerned citizens at a Labor Day parade in Kensington: “The state has no plans that show anybody’s houses being taken,” he said.

Maryland’s State Highway Administrator Greg Slater elaborated that the State plans on “challenging our private sector partners to find a solution that fits within that right of way.”

The protests and assurances come after the Action Committee for Transit submitted a Public Information Act request for any and all relevant plans. The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) responded denying the group’s request for a fee waiver and requesting payment.

The 15 alternatives proposed by MDOT in fact do not appear to expand existing right-of-way, but rather, implement express toll lanes, carpool lanes, and transit options. Read more about the alternatives here.

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