Fighting Parking Tickets? There’s An App For That

Five counties may see an influx in parking citations contested in court, if they haven’t already.

Start-up TIKD is a web-based service that allows users in Anne Arundel, Montgomery, Prince George’s, and Baltimore counties, and Baltimore City, to pay off parking citations easily online at a rate less than the fine charged. According to the Baltimore Business Journal

For locals, that means if you receive a ticket for a traffic violation anywhere in the city or in Anne Arundel, Montgomery, Prince George’s and Baltimore counties, you can use the platform to automatically pay it.

The app allows users to simply take a picture of their citation, enter the fine amount, choose a payment method and be done with it. The platform charges a pre-determined fee for processing the citation that is always less than the amount of the fine itself. Then TIKD negotiates, pays off, or contests the citation in court. Users never have to speak to the attorneys TIKD hires to fight the citations.

TIKD was created a little over a year ago, and according to its website, is already available in the aforementioned Maryland counties. The company plans to expand to a total of 30 major metropolitan areas within a year.