Aetna Brings Opioid Alternatives to the Forefront

Exparel — now covered through Aetna’s dental program as part of their comprehensive opioid crisis efforts — provides a non-addictive, one-time injection pain relief alternative. 

Aetna has launched a DocFind platform for its members to help them find providers that offer opioid alternatives for surgeries. One of those alternatives, Exparel, is now covered in Aetna’s dental program. From Aetna’s news release:

Aetna is the first and only dental carrier to cover EXPAREL for wisdom tooth extractions, a decision stemming from the company’s ongoing commitment and comprehensive strategy to fight the opioid epidemic.

As part of this strategy, Aetna is also making it possible for members to find and search for providers who offer opioid alternatives like EXPAREL by using the DocFind platform.

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