Conduit Street Podcast: Introducing the DLS Podcast

The Conduit Street Podcast is pleased to announce that our friends at the Maryland Department of Legislative Services (DLS) have launched a podcast. In this week’s premiere episode, Matthew Bennett and Patrick Frank discuss bond sales in Maryland:

-Why does the state government borrow money, through bonds, to pay for capital projects?

-What does the state’s Triple-A bond rating mean for taxpayers?

-How does the state actually sell bonds? Who can buy them?

The nationally-regarded Department of Legislative Services staff walks you through these nuts and bolts, and explains a little-understood but important part of government finance in their debut podcast.

A link to the podcast can be found on the DLS website.

The Conduit Street Podcast will be back later this week with an episode on Maryland’s opioid crisis.

You can listen to previous episodes of the Conduit Street Podcast on our website.