Treatment Center Eyes Location in Washington County

Amatus Health is working towards opening an inpatient addiction treatment facility in Hagerstown, an area of the state that its co-founder and chief operating officer, Michael Silberman, says is  underserved by the types of services Amatus would offer.

The Herald Mail reports:

There are residential treatment facilities in the county, [Vicki] Sterling [Director of Behavioral Health for the Washington County Health Department] said, but the Amatus model would offer a higher level of medical care.

“In light of the (drug-abuse) crisis through the whole state, we need more services. … More beds anywhere is good,” she said. “Is it going to help our community? Absolutely.”

The article notes that Amatus Health follows a traditional 12 step approach to treatment without the assistance of medications such as suboxone or methadone. It is anticipated that the facility will open by the end of this year.

Read The Herald Mail to learn more.

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