Some County Primary Races Still Too Close to Call (Updated)

Maryland’s gubernatorial primary election may have been last Tuesday, but some primary races are still too close to call. Election results won’t be certified until absentee and provisional ballots are tallied and all votes are certified, a process that could take several weeks. Here are some races we’re watching:

Montgomery County Executive, Democratic Primary

Councilmember Mark Elrich won the Democratic primary election by 79 votes.

Update: Montgomery County election officials declared Councilman Elrich the winner of the Democratic primary – by just 79 votes. Maryland law does not require automatic recounts, although it is expected that David Blair will request one. Because Elrich’s margin of victory more than .01 percent (by only four votes), Blair would have to pay for the recount.

Baltimore County Executive, Democratic Primary

Johnny Olszewski leads Senator Jim Brochin by 42 votes. Councilmember Vicki Almond is in third place, trailing by more than 1,000 votes.

Update: Baltimore County election officials declared former Delegate Johnny Olszewski the winner of the Democratic primary after a three-day recount of over 87,000 votes. Olszewski defeated Brochin by 17 votes and will face Republican candidate Al Redmer in the general election.

Howard County Council, District 1 Democratic Primary

Elizabeth Walsh leads incumbent Councilmember Jon Weinstein by just two votes.

Update: Elizabeth Walsh was declared the winner of the District 1 Democratic primary after a recount. Walsh defeated Weinstein by nine votes.

Queen Anne’s County Commissioner, At-Large Republican Primary

Incumbent Commissioner Jim Moran leads Helen Bennett by 44 votes.

Update: Queen Anne’s County election officials declared incumbent Commissioner At-Large Jim Moran the winner of the Republican primary. Moran defeated Helen Bennett by 52 votes.

Talbot County Council, Republican Primary

Incumbent Councilmember Laura Price leads Lisa Ghezzi by 23 votes.

Update: Incumber Councilmember Laura Price edged out Lisa Ghezzi by 36 votes to earn a spot on the ballot in November’s general election.