School Shootings and School Safety Funding: Data May Define the Best Investment

The vast majority of school shootings are carried out by students who are rightfully on school property, a fact that may inform distribution of new state funding for school safety. 

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This handout from Maryland’s Public School Construction Program shows the types of facility features that will address the issue of school shootings conducted by students – more than 70% of all school shootings since 1966.

Data on school shootings can help guide the best use of funding for improved school security, Maryland’s Director of Public School Construction shared at a recent meeting of school facility planners.

New funding for school security allocated by the General Assembly and Governor will provide an opportunity for facility enhancements. The best uses for that funding may be on controlling access inside school buildings, rather than secured outside doors.

This is according to statistics that show most shootings are carried out by students who belong on the premises, and are already through security checks and inside the building.

For more information about school safety funding see this handout from the Public School Construction Program.