2018 End of Session Wrap-Up: Housing and Community Development

MACo advocates for process improvements and innovative tools to help counties support community development throughout Maryland.

The segments below provide a brief overview of MACo’s advocacy in the area of housing and community development in the 2018 General Assembly. 

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Prompt Foreclosure Notices to Local Governments

Push Icons-WONMACo supported legislation that will allow counties to receive prompt notification about the ownership of foreclosed properties within their jurisdiction. This “push” rather than “pull” system could prove very helpful to county public safety and code enforcement officials to better manage properties in transition. This notification system will allow county and local governments to take timely action in regards to properties in foreclosure in the community. Senate Bill 222 and House Bill 78 passed both the House and the Senate unanimously and they await the Governor’s signature. Bill Information | MACo Coverage

Maintenance and Management of Burial Sites

Push Icons-IMPROVEDMACo also supported a bill that will provide local governments with assistance in preserving blighted and abandoned cemeteries. House Bill 877 and Senate Bill 1242 allows counties to grant a local property tax credit on an improvement of real property that substantiates, demarcates, commemorates, or celebrates a burial ground. As amended in committee the bill ensures that local governments are in control of their new authorities. The bills passed the Senate and the House and awaits the Governor’s signature. Bill Information | MACo Coverage

For more information on housing and community development legislation tracked by MACo during the 2018 legislative session, click here.