Counties Welcome Assistance in Maintaining Burial Sites

MACo Legislative Director Natasha Mehu testified in support with amendments of Senate Bill 1242, “Burial Sites – Access, Disinterment, Criminal Penalties, and Tax Credit”, before the Senate Finance Committee on March 22, 2018.

The bill generally provides local governments with assistance in preserving blighted cemeteries. It also allows the local authorities to recoup costs from the owner of the property for any maintenance work done on the burial site property. Additionally, it authorizes a county to offer a tax credit on an “improvement of real property that substantiates, demarcates, commemorates, or celebrates a burial

From MACo Testimony:

Local governments share interest in maintaining the integrity of burial sites within their communities, many of which have historical or cultural significance. This bill helps provide a means for local governments to afford this upkeep when merited.”

For more on this and other legislation, follow MACo’s advocacy efforts during the 2018 legislative session here.