Five Fast Facts: The Celebrated Caroline County Chicken

Lady Elegantine (002)Lady Eglantine, born and raised in Caroline County, laid 314 eggs in one year.

  1. Lady Eglantine broke the previous record of 286 eggs in September of 1915. A typical hen lays 200 eggs in a lifetime.
  2. Lady Eglantine earned the name the “$100,000 hen” because her owner turned down many high-priced offers.
  3. Her eggs were sold for $60 an egg, while 20 cents a dozen was the going rate at the time.
  4. She was married to a rooster on Feb. 14, 2016, in New York City, and was even presented with a diamond-studded gold leg band.
  5. The Caroline County Historical Society’s Museum of Rural Life has Lady Eglantine stuffed and on display.

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