Commissioners of St. Mary’s County Celebrate National County Government Month

Courtesy of St. Mary’s County Public Information Office

St. Mary’s County is among 3,069 counties across the nation serving more than 300 million Americans by providing essential services to create healthy, safe and vibrant communities. The efforts help to move America forward by delivering quality education, keeping communities safe and creating economic opportunities.

To spotlight the work of county government, the Commissioners of St. Marty’s County paused to recognize the efforts by county government to serve all citizens by proclaiming April 2018 National County Government Month.

According to a press release:

As part of National Association of Counties (NACo) President Roy Charles Brooks’ “Serving the Underserved” initiative, NACo encourages counties to focus on the critical role counties play in breaking multi-generational cycles of poverty. “In order to remain healthy, vibrant and safe, St. Mary’s County, along with counties across the nation, provide safety, infrastructure, transportation, technology, environmental stewardship and economic services that play a key role in everything from residents’ daily commutes to emergency response,” said Commissioner president Randy Guy. “St. Mary’s County and all counties take pride in their responsibility to protect and enhance the health, welfare and safety of its residents in efficient and cost-effective ways.”

In proclaiming National County Government Month, the commissioners encourage county officials, employees and citizens to learn more about the valuable services provided by St. Mary’s County Government.

Read the full press release for more information.