Continued Care of Community College Facilities Creates Cost Savings

MACo submitted written testimony in support of Senate Bill 595, “Community Colleges – Facilities Renewal Grant Program – Established”, to the House Appropriations Committee on March 29, 2018.

The bill would provide grant funding for maintenance efforts at community colleges, including Baltimore City Community College. The program will fund small renovation projects focused on improving the learning environments at different community colleges throughout the State. These small preventative maintenance efforts

The governor must appropriate 5% of the community college construction grant program to this facility renewal program, which can help with cost savings through long-term preventative maintenance.

From MACo Testimony:

The grant program envisioned in this legislation will provide helpful assistance in tackling maintenance projects that will improve the learning environments of community college students and may extend the life of community college facilities, a joint investment of counties and the State of Maryland.

The facility renewal program will fund for small renovations those projects with total estimated costs of less than $1 million. Under this legislation, each year beginning in fiscal 2019, the Governor must appropriate 5% of the annual appropriation for the Community College Construction Grant Program to the new facility renewal program.

The funds would be distributed evenly to community college applicants, with no college generally receiving more than $500,000 grant funding in one fiscal year, and with community colleges alternating years in which they receive grants. In this way, the program assures that all community colleges statewide are provided with some assistance for needed renovations and improvements.”

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