Short-Term Rental Bill Dies in House Committee

The House Economic Matters Committee voted down a bill that would have established a state-wide regulatory scheme for online short-term regulatory platforms, such as Airbnb, and the residents who rent their rooms or properties through the platform. Likely ending the prospect of this issue being addressed this session.

HB 1604 was the third attempt at creating some sort of statewide law for short-term rental platforms that has fallen short. Previous iterations of the bill were viewed as too burdensome. However, this year’s bill was more narrowly tailored and less overreaching. A hearing was held earlier this week on a Senate version of the bill SB 1081.

MACo supported HB 1604 as it struck a reasonable balance between state regulation and local authority; requiring the entities to be registered with the Comptroller, keep records, and to act within the local laws of the jurisdictions they operate in. Counties across the state have either enacted local laws or are in the process of deciding how to regulate short-term rentals.

For more on this and other legislation, follow MACo’s advocacy efforts during the 2018 legislative session here.

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