Unfinished Business Over Medical Cannabis, Parental Rights Push Calls for Special Session

A Baltimore Sun article (2017-04-18) reported that the late-Session failure of two bills have prompted calls for the Maryland General Assembly to reconvene in a special session. The two bills dealt with issuing licenses to minority-owned medical cannabis firms and removing the parental rights of alleged rapists. From the article:

In the final hours of this year’s session, lawmakers failed to pass a bill that would have let rape victims who become pregnant during the assault terminate parental rights of their alleged attackers. …

The other [failed bill] would have expanded the medical marijuana industry to specifically include minority-owned firms, and the Legislative Black Caucus has demanded the governor and presiding officers recall lawmakers to Annapolis to pass it.

On Tuesday, [Senate President Thomas V. “Mike”] Miller acknowledged that no conversations have taken place to reach a deal on calling a special session. Miller and House Speaker Michael E. Busch remain divided on whether the medical marijuana expansion should automatically award licenses to two specific companies.

“We haven’t talked about it,” Miller told reporters after a bill signing in Annapolis.

But Miller said that if a special session is called, he wants to revisit the proposed law about parental rights of alleged rapists.