Know Your Roads: They’re Likely Maintained By Locals

MACo has continuously testified that local governments own and maintain 77 percent of the lane miles in Maryland – and 83 percent of the miles. The State, in comparison, maintains 23 percent of the lane miles in Maryland.

So, if a constituent has a complaint about a pothole or snow plowing, it more than likely should be directed to the county or municipality.

In order to help people determine who maintains their roads, the Maryland Department of Transportation has released a new tool to guide them:  and they call it “Know Your Roads.” On the new website, residents can search by address, legislative district number or local government name to figure who is responsible for which paths of pavement.

The site puts it as clear as it can be. If you do not see a sign with a number on the road:

You probably do NOT live on a state-maintained road … please contact your county or municipality directly to get your road plowed, a pothole fixed or another road issued addressed.